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The Vibranivo® is shaking things up with the highest quality vibrating fork on the market.  

Shaking things up!

The Vibranivo® series offer three models to solve almost any application. From extremely low bulk density to explosive zones, Vibranivo can fit your application.

Bring the Heat

The Vibranivo® Series 




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Vibranivo® 5000 - 6000

Rugged design for mounting anywhere on the vessel.

Hand welded and polished forks for ultra sensitivity & help against material caking.

Fork length options for low mounting or high mounting. 

Sanitary Application

Built from 316 stainless steel from process connection to the tips of the fork. Add an optional tri-clamp connection, and you get the most preferred point level device for sanitary environments. 

Preferred Point Level in

Sanitary Applications


Mononivo® offers the same flexibility and function but in a single contained vibration rod. 

Perfect for you chunky materials or tight spaces that require a smaller fitting. 


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Customized to the length that you need. UWT offers three options to achieve your desired length. 

Order a custom Pipe Extensions or Cable Extensions. Or use the UWT exclusive DIY option and add your own pipe upon delivery.



Are you dealing with extremely low bulk density?


With the Vibrasil® option, Vibranivo® can reach bulk densities as low as 0.3 lb/ft.

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Pressure rated up to 145 psi

Universal Voltage Electronics

FM Class I, Div I 

Process Temp up to 302°F

Sensitivity from 0.3 lb/ft

Various Process Connections

Food Grade

304 & 316 Fork & Shaft Material

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