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Meeting the most extreme conditions, the Rotonivo® is up for any challenge. While maintaining the industry exclusive 5 year warranty.

Quality in the

most extreme


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Rotonivo® 6000

Suitable for virtually all bulk materials, the Rotonivo® is insensitive to dust, electrical charge, adhesion, temperature and pressure. A simple and reliable measuring principle, ready for the toughest environments. 

NivoRadar 3000
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Rotonivo® 6002

Made to fit your application, using custom stainless steel tube or rope extensions, for perfect positioning. Max length up to 10 feet. 

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The Rotonivo® has the highest temperature range of any point level device of its kinds, reaching temperatures up to 2,012°F. 

Bring the Heat

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Motor Driven Shaft to prevent motor use during inactive rotation, preventing motor burnouts.

Classifications up to Class I, Div I.

Pressure rated up to 145 psi.

5 Year Warranty!


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Rotonivo® 6003 - 6004

Rugged design for low mounting.

The reinforced protected shaft eliminates the risk of breakage due to heavy material. 

The 6003 drops the vane under the shaft, taking away the need for constructing a  dog house inside the tank. 

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Pressure rated up to 145 psi

Universal Voltage Electronics

FM Class I, Div I 

Process Temp up to 2012°F

Boot Shaped Vanes for easy install

Various Process Connections

Food Grade

304 & 316 Vane & Shaft Material

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